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Townsville Fruit Cycle

FRUITCYCLE – A fun and tasty Health Promotion tool for communities and schools, sharing the recycled Bike-Blender smoothie love

100% rescued fruit + 100% recycled pedal power = fun exercise, nutrition, and the pure taste of sustainable change!

The FruitCycle campaign aims to collaborate with schools to set up sustainable smoothie bikes linked in with school breakfast programs to provide better nutrition for kids.


The first FruitCycle bikeblender was built by Food Rescue Initiative in Jan. 2014 from 100% recycled parts and hundreds of people, especially kids, have since enjoyed the sustainable ride and its tasty reward at many community events, making their own healthy smoothies from ‘wonkey’ fruit, rejected for it’s looks yet full of nutrients and taste which should not go to waste.

100% rescued fruit + 100% recycled pedal power = fun exercise, nutrition, and the pure taste of sustainable change!

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Townsville Fruit Cycle

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a FruitCyle in every school

Townsville Fruit Cycle

To support us please donate to:
Acc Name: Food Rescue Initiative
Reference: FruitCycle
Acc No: 154557672
BSB: 633-000
Bendigo Bank


Pedal-powered Bike – Blenders
A clever recycles design provides lots of fun and guaranteed a delicious nutritious reward!
Make your own healthy smoothie with 100% recycled pedal power!
Hire our smoothie bikes for a fun sustainable activity, pedal- blend your own delicious smoothies, extracting fresh nutrients with pure muscle power!
The faster you pedal – the more you get out of it
Our smoothie bike might be the perfect addition to your functions, conferences, and festivals, unlike any other, add a fun and tasty Eco-twist to your event – an opportunity not to be missed!
enquire via message about availability and to book, or email
Our smoothie bikes are designed using 100 % recycled materials. A sustainable and fun tool to promote healthy eating and a healthy active lifestyle in one.
Our smoothie bikes have been up and cycling since 2014 between Townsville and Cairns, bringing joy, exercise, and tasty smoothies to hundreds of people in many communities.
Especially kids love a ride on a smoothie bike and enjoy with pride the tasty reward they’ve created.
FruitCycle offers workshops and education packages. We love collaborating with schools and tertiary education facilities to educate about nutrition, to promote a healthy active lifestyle with a hands-on fun tool to experience all its benefits, giving students the opportunity to create and pedal their own smoothie.
The bike has been featured at many sustainable events such as Eco Fiestas in collaboration with Food Rescue Townsville, blending ‘odd shaped’ fruit – rejected by supermarkets for its unique size, shape, or colour – into nutrient-rich smoothies.
By blending such ‘wonky’ yet nutritious fruit we demonstrate that fruit & veg aren’t cosmetically imperfect, they simply come in many sizes and shapes, and instead of appearance, what’s inside should count: the nutritional value of our food.
1 million Aussie kids still go to school without breakfast or bed without dinner each night.
Physical activity and access to healthy nutritious food are strongly linked to a Student’s capacity to study and succeed academically.
By promoting and providing better nutrition to children, we can improve students’ health and performance long term.
If you are a teacher or educator and would like to bring delicious healthy smoothies to your students, please contact us:

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